Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Day, May Day! Call the Coast Guard its Family Weed Week!

My snow in summer bush started to bloom, funny its not even close to being summer time yet! And isnt it funny how weeds can start coming up even in January? I dont get it! But this past month due to the rain we've gotten the weeds have literally taken over! So the hubby declared "FAMILY WEED WEEK" upon us! This project is no laughing matter, every night starting yesterday we are out for an hour shoveling our new locking gravel that is 5 inches thick in our driveway, pulling weeds and picking up any thing that shouldn't be there. My shoulders are tighter than a drum, and by the end of family weed week Im definitly going to need a good massage.

Our daughter will be turning 16 this month! I cant believe how time flys! Shes such a great kid, I feel so blessed to have her! Now I am trying to plan her Sweet 16 birthday party, and hopefully it will be a big sucess! I need to get busy racking my brain on theme, colors, cake, and the hubby wants to BBQ for the event, and if you knew him, you would know that this means ME BBQ'ing! So I have my work cut out for me! Three birthdays this month ten days apart 2nd, 12th & 22nd and let us not forget mothers day and the Susan Komen Race for the Cure! Next month is my sister n' law's 49th Birthday and my MIL mentioned having a shower type birthday party for her, so thats another project in the works! The good news is at least my daughter will be out school at the end of the month, and hopefully warmer, sunny days will be coming our way!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I love Graples!

In my last post I mentioned going to Graples, well Graples is a business in Nampa Idaho that is chock full of the cutest vinty type home decor you can imagine and at really affordable prices! They are only open on Thursdays for a few hours each week, so last week I did manage to make there before everything good was gone, I ended up with a really gorgeous large vinty chippy white lantern, a huge apothicary jar, and something else i cant remember. Today I took my MIL to the doctors for a follow up visit from her hip replacement and we popped into Graples on our way out of Nampa. And I ended up getting only two things, wish we would have had more time and always more money. So the clock was 17.00, its about 12 inches tall and about 18 inches wide, it will go in the guest bath in between the corbels.

The tray was 9.00 its about 18 inches long and about 8 inches wide. I love that punched steel look. Im not sure exactly where Im going to use this but for 9.00 I can definitly find a place lol! Even if i cant splurge every week I can always find some unique and cute things for cheap at Graples!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Corbel Shelf - Check!

We have been soo busy with life for the past two weeks! My step-son and his wife and new baby visited for a week, and I have to say I love that baby! He is just precious! His name is Noah, and Im thrilled hes such a happy and sweet baby! I managed to get some really cute shots of him while he was here, too bad a week fly's by in an instant! He's a cutie pie!

This week it has been rainy and I have felt like doing little much of nothing, guess that happens to most of us, and after last week with all the craziness of company, plus planning, shopping and cooking for our entire family dinner party Friday night I just needed some down time.

The hubby finally figured out how to mount and hang our new Corbel Shelf in the guest bath. Our bath has very high ceilings but floor space is really limited and so to bring your eyes up, I decided to have it mounted above our washer and dryer. I will post a picture of it while I try to figure out how to adjust the color of the photo. I also need to get some new lens's for my camera so i can capture it wide angled.

My next project is the old fireplace mantle that I plan to put above our headboard in our bedroom and use for a shelf. Its really a beat up old piece with missing datos and the crown molding needs to be completly replaced due to it having the wrong cut on the front piece. Lucky me for getting to cut crown molding, I can cut 45's but crown molding scares the hell out of me. I plan to paint it with Gesso paint after the molding is replaced. Hopefully it will turn out great looking. Here is the before shot. I will post an after pic when its finished and hung.

Well off to do a bit of laundry, clean my kitchen and get myself to Graples for shopping. Hope you have a great week!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Chest for Bedroom

So Ive been really busy lately, and between helping my MIL after her hip replacement surgery Ive found a little time to sneek in a project that has been sitting on my back porch since last winter. I bought this chest of drawers for $375.00 it was in horrible condition, now when i say horrible i mean horrible! The chest was used in a mechanics shop to store greasy old parts so you can imagine how the inside of the drawers looked. We took off the old handles, replaced them with vintage glass pulls, sanded and filled random bee holes that it had in it. Finally I started with priming the entire unit, it took several layers of primer to seal in all the grease stains. So after sealing them I decided on a flat antique white. The drawers are huge, and its so nice to finally have room in our bedroom to store our belongings.

Our headboard finally came from Target too, it took what seemed like months and months of waiting, and I am kind of disappointed in it, only because I thought it would be fuller and thicker. But its still really lovely for the price, and after a good coating of scotchguard we got it mounted up to the bed frame and it looks better than nothing. I found a lovely round tufted velvet pillow to go on it at Bed Bath & Beyond for 29.00 and I think it helped break up the whiteness of it all.

My hubby leaves on Wednesday to San Diego, Im definitly going to miss him even if its for 3 days. Our son is a senior drill instructor in the Marine Corps. and he is graduating his first platoon as SDI this week, so were excited for him, and then he will fly back home with his wife and our new grandson who we are really excited to see for the first time. Hopefully I can convince the hubby to put the corbel shelf up in the bathroom before he leaves for San Diego.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Corbels Found!

This is my first blog post, I decided to start a blog because I have to many idea's, and so many projects going on at once so I thought it would help me with my ADHD. So this is how Im going to start, one project at a time, one room at a time, and hopefully before I know it, my house will be transformed haha!

I recently found four lovely old wood corbels in my grandfathers storage garage, since they are weather checked, faded, chipped, and really in poor shape I thought I'd take them and use them for brackets for shelving in one of our bathrooms. The bathroom use to be gold and brown (think 70's style) yuck! These are some before and afters of the corbels. Love them!

 Now I need to dig around in our barns and see if i can find a 2x12 board for the shelf portion. The hubby is not happy about trying to find a stud in the wall to connect these to, but the end result will totally be worth it! After I finish the second corbel Im off to start re-texturing the walls in the bathroom (yuck) I really hate the feel of slimy texture all over me and i hate the mess its going to create but, again just trying to push past the down side to the good side! I'll take pictures of the before and after of the bathroom/laundry room and post them next time!